AGM 2018

The AGM 2018 minutes are now available with the chair’s report on the current position of the waiting list, open days, neglected plot letters and other matters and the treasurer’s report on the society’s financial position. Also details of the election of officers and best plot awards.

Autumn 2018 newsletter

Latest edition of the Society newsletter including AGM 2018 details, annual plot inspection, open days, growing tomatoes, recipes and planting tips.

Ideas for growing over winter

Slides from Stephanie Irvine’s talk at AGM 2014 on what vegetables could be grown over winter, the use of green manures and the importance of making places for wildlife to survive over winter on allotment sites.

Contaminated manure

Powerful industrial herbicide found in manure blights allotment crops. Read the full story here.

Allotments in the news

  • National Allotments Week 2016 – photographs from a Bristol allotment.
  • It’s official – allotments make the best bee habitat.
  • Growing fruit and vegetables in the tiniest of spaces.
  • Landmark legal victory for allotments over redevelopment.
  • The on-going struggle to protect allotment land.
  • Turn your balcony into an allotment.
  • Forget Eton, put your child’s name down for an allotment now. 40 year wait for a Camden allotment.
  • It’s more work than you think. Confessions of a former allotment holder.
  • National Trust releases land on some of the best known country estates in Britain for up to 1,000 allotments.
  • In June 2007 a committee member was fortunate to be invited to a friend’s dacha on the outskirts of Lviv in the west of Ukraine. The country’s fabled fertile soil and the need for self-sufficiency gives rise to a landscape of intense cultivation.
  • ’A lot to lose: London’s disappearing allotments’ – a report from the London Assembly highlights the scarcity of allotments in the capital. The report also contains very comprehensive maps of London wide allotment sites for those with the inclination to search for a site outside the borough.
  • A Hackney resident photographed these remarkably plush Danish allotments on a visit to her homeland in summer 2006.
  • Well it sounds easy enough. A thriving allotment in just thirty minutes.
  • Everyone is doing it. Composting tips from a new allotment holder.
  • How to plant a low-maintenance allotment and have time to write about it.