Autumn 2021 newsletter

Autumn newsletter on dealing with blight, tackling slugs and snails, path clearance, photos and illustrations from our sites and plant-based recipes.

AGM 2021

AGM minutes are now available with a talk by Vicki Hird, the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports, election of officers, plot awards and two discussion items.

Tales from a Wood Green allotment

The Patch A BBC radio programme (registration required) from Wolves Lane allotment.

A new plot matching website

AllotMe A digital platform to pair anyone with available outdoor space with people seeking to grow their own.

Allotments during the pandemic

BBC article about a Chelmsford allotment site.

Ideas for growing over winter

Slides from Stephanie Irvine’s talk at AGM 2014 on what vegetables could be grown over winter, the use of green manures and the importance of making places for wildlife to survive over winter on allotment sites.

AGM 2020 outcome

Election of officers, results of the vote on new management proposals and plot awards.

Contaminated manure

Powerful industrial herbicide found in manure blights allotment crops. Read the full story here.

Allotments in the news