Checklist for site representatives

Keeping plot holders in touch with Society business

Notice boards on site (if applicable) to be kept up to date with major events affecting the site or plot holders.

Keeping an eye on plots

Whenever you are concerned about the state of a plot, first try to talk with the plot holder about any problems/concerns. If there is no improvement please inform the Committee so that a decision on whether or not to formally write to the plot holder can be made. “Neglected plots” are verified by two Committee members. ; With long waiting lists it is important that people who are not tending their plots are contacted and reminded of Society rules.

On going general maintenance/tidying of the site especially pathways and sheds is necessary. Try to involve plot holders in this e.g. through work groups/rotas or reminder notices.

Major maintenance work

Please raise with the Committee any major works which you feel are necessary for the site e.g. fencing/security/storage/tree work. This will need to be discussed and the financial aspects worked out

Emergency maintenance procedure

If there is a break in.

  • Inform the Police
  • Arrange for the site to be made secure as soon as possible. Contact the Chair or Secretary for advice if necessary.

Hold a list of plot holders names/addresses and phone numbers

This will be provided by the Secretary from the database. Ask for an update if necessary.

Help with the letting of plots

When a plot becomes vacant the Secretary will arrange the letting to the next person on the waiting list. The new plot holder will make contact with the site rep, and you will need to meet them at the site to show them the plot and arrange for them to have a key. The Secretary will provide you with copies of the tenancy agreement to give to the new plot holder. Please inform the Secretary whether or not the plot has been accepted.

Attend monthly committee meetings

This is the main forum for Society’s business and takes place once per month, currently the first Wednesday. The Chair or Secretary will keep you informed of meetings. If you are unable to attend please give a verbal report to the Chair or Secretary.