H.A.S. quick guide to composting

You can never get enough compost for your allotment and the best thing we can do is make it ourselves – that’s why H.A.S. are encouraging all members to start a compost heap on their plot and join in with the Community Compost projects under way at Spring Hill and Aden Terrace. There’s heaps of information available on composting see the links below but the most important thing to remember is getting the mix right. Composting depends on bringing the right ‘green’ and ‘brown’ compost materials together in approximately equal proportions.

‘Brown’ – dry, hard, absorbent materials (high in carbon)

  • dead leaves
  • cardboard
  • wood chippings
  • dry plant stems
  • twigs
  • crunched up paper
  • egg boxes
  • crumpled cardboard
  • straw/hay

‘Green’ – wet, soft green materials (high in nitrogen)

  • grass
  • weeds (avoid persistent weeds)
  • raw fruit and vegetables
  • plant matter
  • peas and beans