Hackney Allotment Society

Waiting list information

Booming interest in allotments leads to waiting list freeze

In June 2008, with the waiting list about to hit 300, the Committee decided to take the unprecedented step of temporarily closing the list. This decision was reviewed in October 2009 and upheld again at the AGMs in October 2010, 2011, 2012, November 2013 and October 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Constant media interest in allotments has led to a huge number of applications being received by the Society. The decision to close the list has been taken with regret but we simply cannot keep up with this level of demand. We are also concerned that we are continuing to accept membership fees from residents who have little hope of renting an allotment for many years to come.

The Society is taking every opportunity to lobby the Council for more allotment provision in the borough and members and others seeking an allotment in Hackney are encouraged to add their weight to this demand.

If you spot any disused land in Hackney which could be converted into possible plots, please send as much information as possible to our development coordinator who will investigate.

Possible alternatives

  • Volunteer and sign up for a mini-plot at the Garden project at the Castle Climbing Centre.
  • Sign up with the Landshare initiative linking people who want to grow their own food to space where they can grow it.
  • Visit the Capital Growth web site for ideas, contacts and possible funding.
  • Try to find an area with a shorter waiting list such as Waltham Forest or Chingford.
  • Make use of any available outside space – patios, balconies, terraces even window sills can all be potential sites for growing.